Student Testimonials

Great class! Very nice and knowledgeable instructors

We got more than a "Bang" for our Living Social Bucks! This class was perfectly suited for our needs. I recommend this class to everyone and anyone who owns a weapon, plans on owning a weapon, and the rest of the world that needs a true understanding of weapons, self protection, and the laws. -- Kevin, the instructor, is hands-down, the best instructor I've ever had. He knows his topic and teaches it well. His teaching made me "want" to learn...and, I did! I will take this class again as there is so much information to grasp. * * * * * Thank you for this Living Social Deal!

Great class! Was very happy with this and it kept me from putting it off any longer.

I went to Arms to Bear without any knowledge about firearms...and I left qualified to to get a NV and UT CCW I never would have thought it was possible for me to get a CCW

Kevin was great and I will recommend him to anyone who needs a CCW or classes in handling a firearm

This was a great training class! Thanks Kevin!!

Kevin was great...clear, patient, and friendly.

Instructor was very knowledgable. good class

FANTASTIC experience! Lots of people attended! Kevin and Noel were OUTSTANDING! I've been to other classes like this and Arms To Bear was excellent and far more comprehensive than the others! Thanks for offering this! I would go again if they offered some of their other classes in the Vancouver/Portland area.

The presentation imparted exactly the information I expected. Registration process could be smoother, but overall it was great.

Very informative and nice people. it was a great deal for the price and I will go back to take other classes.

Kevin and Noel were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and professional instructors!

Lots of great information, they had a great dynamic, kind of like the odd couple, with Kevin the serious instructor, and Noel the comic relief. Even Noel was very knowledgeable and serious when appropriate.

Instructors were great (Kevin & Noel)! Very informative. I would definitely recommend this class!

I especially liked the fact that the presenters were not gung-ho for gun ownership. They stressed repeatedly that if a person was not comfortable with shooting another human being, then they should not own a gun. Other options are available. I appreciated that balance.

They were fantastic! Great people and great information! What a great bargain! Thanks!!! :)

This was a great class that taught me a lot about safety. I like all of the facts about the Utah and Nevada laws.

This was a good class. It included comprehensive review of the laws and safety issues and a phsycological perspective on owning and carrying guns. I especially liked the training on the firing range. Now I know what to work on. Herman P.

Loved the class and all the applicable tips & techniques which may come in handy some day. All the instruction was clear and understandable. A great refresher. Liked the range work & practice tips & exercises. Cory S.

Answered all my questions. Didn't seem to get annoyed or impatient. Seemed to care that I had a true understanding of the course. Would like to have seen a vending machine. Patty S.

Great class. Will consider travel for additional classes. Liked range drills. Introduction to defensive firearms drills and ideas for improvement. Judy H.

Good balance of hands on live fire drills and legal aspect discussion. Great that class is offered on weekdays. Very hands on great instruction and real world tips. Tim M.

Kevin was very detailed in the information presented. I can see myself taking future courses here. Johnnie M.

Everything was understandable and explained well. Liked the way everything was explained, the tactics training was great.

Good class, learned new things. Liked the personal attention, respectful consideration to my wife who has never handled or fired a pistol before. Mark P.

Thank you. Liked the safe handling. The personal attention and the patience.

 Very good class. Liked range/teaching techniques and dedication to teaching the kids & women correctly.

Real up to date tactics, professional. Good range scenarios. Suggest live video at range so areas of concern can be visually seen. Philip M.

Very informative, I learned a lot about the laws that I did not know before today's class. Safety was a huge concern for me, and I felt very confident with your instruction. Liked the hands on learning, Very professional. Cheryl P

I liked how you touched on even the basics thru the more detailed stuff. It was well rounded. Casey B.

Very thorough and precise. Good use of repetition. Great attitude-very clear w/information. Sheila L.

Great Great class, much better than my original class at another place. Very informative trainer, taught much more than basic firearms. Liked the tactical training, patient individual instructions. Mary E.

Very good class, very informative on all aspects. The best class I have ever attended on gun safety and usage. Liked the tactical gun usage. Michael D.

Good class, a lot of good information, best class I have taken. Nick B

Great class, thank you. Erika S

Thanks Kevin, truly enjoyable class, very informative. I knew I would get a lot out of this class but got so much more. Penny L

Kevin, you were professional and dedicated in your training. You remained focused and your class presentation was clear. You've stayed active and aware or current trends in law enforcement training. Liked the Lasershot scenarios, range training-time allowed to train those less familiar with firearms. R. L.

I was fortunate enough to take Kevin's Ccw class last weekend during stellar weather conditions for the Reno/Sparks area. Kevin was wearing a polo shirt at the range to give you an idea how warm and still is was, perfect training weather. I was very impressed with Kevin's professionalism. Qualifying with your handgun takes the least time, that is if you are familiar with shooting it. The tactical maneuvers Kevin set up were really educational and a great way to not only become more advanced in your skill level but a fun and positive way to work at each tactical scenario. I was amazed how much I learned and could take back with me to practice with. There was no down time. Every minute was utilized to it's maximum potential.  The dvd action & classroom lecture portion of Kevin's class was as interesting as it was educational. The legal and liability dvd kept me focused on the large monitor screen. After all, how often does one get to watch and listen to district attorney's discuss justifiable homicide in detail? Another wake up call was actual footage of inmates in prison discussing how they fear the public when the public is well armed and well trained. None of the residential burglars wanted to go into any house where they knew the occupants were home and had firearms.  It's amazing how much knowledge, training, and skill one can learn in 8 hours by taking Kevin's Ccw class. Myself, I'm going back for more advanced training in the coming months. The value is obvious and Kevin is one of the most proficient firearms educators in the state of Nevada. Perhaps what really capped off a perfect experience in handgun training was when I went to the Washoe County Sheriff's Office to register for my Nevada State Ccw license. My license processor told me I was lucky to have Kevin as my teacher and I agreed without hesitation. Jack L.