This Range Is For Sale, We Are Wanting To Build A Smaller Unit $194,000

Shootin and Scootin mobile ranges provide a cost saving means of acquiring a mobile facility that allows firearms training, qualification, law enforcement training, civilian concealed carry training, entertainment and more. They can be acquired in a 2-3 month time frame. It is quick inexpensive, and is ready for training in a very short time. No rental contracts, leases, building permits, architects, or other time consuming problems. Our mobile ranges are built and designed to be a clean-green environmentally safe facility using state of the art ventilation systems that exhaust clean lead free air to the outside. Our ranges are designed to use a specialized type of ammunition that is readily available for reasonable cost compared with regular ammunition. Mobile shooting ranges have proven to be an important asset in firearms training for the law enforcement and civilian community. Shootin and Scootin mobile shooting ranges are a fully equipped firearms training facility in a trailer. It can contain all the required features of an indoor range and is easily transported for use to other locations or parked in a convenient location.  Unlike other mobile range manufacturers; our ranges are designed and built to be pulled by 1-3 ton trucks reducing the need to buy very expensive tractor-trailer rigs. This also reduces commercial driver license requirements and expensive vehicle registration & insurance fees. It can also be acquired by several departments and shared to maximize cost savings and use. It provides a fully functional range facility whenever and wherever you need it. This mobility can eliminate overtime costs and allow training schedules to be more flexible. A mobile range can also allow departments to train their officers while on normal duty hours reducing or even eliminating overtime costs and per-deim costs when officers must travel for training requirements. Your firearms training program can be accomplished efficiently and thoroughly. Qualification testing can be conducted more frequently. Thus resulting in better trained - better prepared officers and personnel.