Shootin and Scootin & Arms To Bear Security Specialists

Have partnered together in an effort to bring our state of the art Personal Tactical Shooting simulator to the citizens of northern Nevada. This simulator is an immersive shooting aid that facilitates and enhances the human brain in properly developing the needed mindset, skills and tactics to react to a dynamic critical incident (lethal criminal-deadly attack). Our simulator helps develop fundamental shooting skills, judgemental skills (shoot, no shoot), reactive skills, threat detection and threat identification.

Below are screen shots of the Skill Builder Drills and Course of Fire.


                    Skill Builder Drills                                                Course of Fire

Weapons available for training:

Glock 17, Colt 1911, AR15

Simulator rates are listed below. In addition to our training location we can also come to your location for on site training. Our Simulator is also available for company, bachelor and birthday parties.

Simulator Rates:

$35 Per Hour (unlimited shots, unlimited drills and scenarios)

More than one person in a party, 2nd person can share for half price

(rates do not apply to parties)