Law Enforcement Training

In addition to the following: Shootin and Scootin also offers the Laser-Shot Law Enforcement Training Simulator. The simulator offers live scenarios dealing with: Active Shooter, Drug Related, Domestic Violence, School Shooters, Traffic Stops and much more. 

 Reduce Overtime Training Costs - Officers can be rotated through the Mobile Range while on duty. They can arrive, shoot, and leave in a minimal amount of time. 

 Flexible Training Schedules - We bring the range to you, so you set the schedule. We will arrive at your location and be available to you for the duration of our stay. We work to your schedule.

 Satisfy Training Liability - Our system meets city, county, state and federal qualifying regulations

Trigger Time - Our Mobile Range allows for Officers to have all the trigger time they desire. 

No/Low Light Training - Our Mobile Range offers training in NO light and LOW light scenarios to give a more realistic feel to the training. Our range is also equipped with emergency warning lights and sirens for the most realistic environment possible.

Use of Deadly Force Training - We offer classes & video simulator training on various topics including when and when not to use force.

Our instructors are certified NRA Range Safety Officers & Law Enforcement Rangemasters